In the Kingdom of the Blind

A moment to breathe

After their grueling fight with the Lucifuge, CCT crawls back to Raven Hill to lick their wounds and fall into bed. (Though Leo is rushed to the hospital due to his critical condition). Tatiana does her best to repair her burned hair and winds up getting a fair portion of it cut off.

The next morning CCT attempts to return to their normal lives for the most part. With Plans to meet up with Johny that night, most of the group scatters. Tommy goes to work, James goes down to the shooting range, Jake buries himself in gang work. Chance is still no where to be found. Only Alex and Tatiana don’t take time off. Tatiana heads down to the university archives to begin looking up historical references to kip from the 1860’s, while Alex runs M4nF1d3r on the dead.

Tatiana finds references to a hoodlum by the name of Kip who was saved from the law and adopted into one of the largest, and richest families in SF. She also finds rumors of a family photo that was done some time after that. Alex for his part eventually uncovers not only a rough back story for our three pyro cultists, but links to about 100 names of other presumed members of Lucifuge spread out all over the world. Apparently they are based in Venice, and though he looks he can’t find the Matron.

After sifting through the names of these cultists, Alex finds two more that live in SF that remain unaccounted for. (A student and a professor at SF state)

After work, Tommy swings to by to see how Leo is recovering. He is surprised to find that while Leo is definitely still injured, he is patching up remarkably fast. Tommy jumps to the conclusion that Johnny is behind this speedy recovery. When questioned Leo admits that while he’s had no other visitors, Johnny did appear in one of his dreams. Tommy leaves him for the night, promising to return the next day

When the group gathers for diner everyone checks in. After a quick round of discussion and some much needed food, everyone moves up to call on Johny. He’s happy that the job is done, but points out that there is likely some cleanup work that needs to be done at the houses of the dead. Any secrets they uncovered are likely best kept out of the public eye, after all. Though we did handle the job, and as promised hands over a bag filled with money to the group.

When asked if there is anything else worth knowing, the discussion turns to a very uncomfortable Alex who admits about the other two members that have been found, explaining briefly about the international devil worshiping cult that apparently gave then their powers. These loose ends get added to CCT’s task list.

Tommy takes a moment of the conversation to try and cryptically dissuade Johny for feeding at Raven Hill if he’s going to live here. Johny cryptically responds that he can do what ever he damn well pleases, and Tommy would regret continuing on this topic. Tommy grits his teeth and backs down, for the moment. (though he does stay behind after everyone else leaves to continue talking to Johny)

After a quick check up on the two remaining members, Alex finds that they both died mysteriously a few days ago. (One was run over by an ice cream truck, the other burned to death in his shower). CCT headed to the scene of the stranger, and after an easy break in, finds the worst possible outcome. The Professor’s notes have all been taken (both physical and electronic), while the shower shows sure sign of a supernatural fire.

Worse yet, the remaining resources in the library seem focused towards demon summoning, and a through exploration of the basement reveals a used, and broken pentagram. To all appearances they summoned and fell victim to a demon. Before we know it, CCT has it’s next case, and not nearly enough information on our quarry. The notes might have been taken by the cops, by Kip looking to clean up, or by a third party we have yet to meet. Praying it’s the cops, CCT retreats to call on Johny.

Rose answers the door instead looking like we just woke her, and sleepily takes a message that we’d want her notes if the cops took them.

CCT then calls it a night, as some of us have day jobs (Cough, Tommy, Cough)


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