In the Kingdom of the Blind

A place, a Face, and a Mystery

Most of the newly formed Corbis Colem Turbam unavailable while out in Oakland hunting for a cheap warehouse, leaving Alex at the apartment to work on his new computer. After completing his work on the new machine (Midnight Sparkle), Alex wanders into the common area to relax. there he finds James (douche) looking haggard as he collects soup out of the pot that Tommy (Marv) left. James is of course evasive about his activities of late, and the conversation is quickly derailed as a new face walking into the room. (Raven Hill apartments emptying out as fast as they are, any new face is pretty surprising). The man’s name is Chance, and as his accent would suggest he’s fresh off the boat from Ireland.

Chance wastes no time in making friends with anyone who will talk to him, and eagerly asks about the best places to visit in the windy city. James (douche) knows a few places and picks out a blue collar joint nearby called St. Francine (or something). They decide to go that evening and without anything better to do Alex tags along.

James and Chance quickly begin mingling with the crowd, even (especially) the shadier types, while Alex finds a quiet corner to enjoy his drink while he tries to not look uncomfortable. There is apparently some kind of a gang has this as it’s major hangout & Chance seemed perfectly comfortable rubbing elbows with them and their women. As more people wandered into the bar Alex suddenly got very anxious and started pestering James and Chance that it was time to leave, saying he “Had a bad feeling about this.” Neither James nor Chance had any interest in leaving attributing Alex’s cryptic comments to social anxiety. After a few attempts Alex left for home, leaving James and Chance to their carousing.

Chance caught many an eye, being the handsome Irish man that he is, but the only one that he showed any interest in was another Irish lass who helped run the bar (forgot her name), nothing official, mind you. They both played it pretty close to the chest, but a canny observer could see them circling each other like a pair of poker sharks, Neither wanting to give up the edge or show interest while learning about the other. One of the only bumps in the conversation was when the lass asked James what he did for a job. James, being the bold one flatly stated that he was an independent drug dealer. Stranger still was that neither Chance nor the lass seemed particularly put off by the knowledge. The lass’ only comment was “Not in the bar.”

Chance made sure to gather as much information about other nightclubs in the area, and continue his dance with the lass (though nothing came of his one direct attempt to get to know her). At the end of the night Chance helped the drunk and mentally scared James stagger back to the apartment. Alex was waiting for them in the lobby, and paused his computer activities to talk to them briefly, asking only “So, what do you think of John?” When both James and Chance gave him blank looks he smiled and wished them a good night, commenting that he was glad they were safe.

Chance has heard rumors that the water in the apartment taps had made people go crazy and kill each other, but had forgotten to get a pack of bottled water in his enthusiasm to get out and socialize. So he left on a late night venture for safe drinking water to stave of his potential hangover. While finding a corner store was easy enough, Chance became suddenly disoriented on the way back and swore that he watched a skyscraper migrate.

Getting slightly unnerved by this, he decided he wanted to tell someone. Soon he was knocking on Alex’s door. Alex took his story in stride and even took chance up to the roof to show him which one he thought had moved. While Alex though it was in the same place it always was, he still promised to put it on the map of spooky things in the area.


GrendelTodd liminalmorgan

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