In the Kingdom of the Blind

Courting Fire

CCT gathers on the 6th floor around Tommy Yates’ meal for the evening (Kentucky friend chicken). After comparing a few notes the group decides it is best to touch bases with John Doulahan. Before the group departs Chance returns from his adventures and decides to join in the young ghost hunters in checking in with their client. Alex, for his part elects to stay behind and investigate some leads on his computer.

After a lively discussion on the way, all plans are derailed when CCT arrives at St. Finigan’s to find it smoking and surrounded by a crowd and firefighters. Tatiana decides to explore the scene from above and climbs the roof to get a better forensic at the scene, attempting to discover the source of the fire. She finds the door was blown in from the outside by intense heat, almost like a flamethrower before it reached the kitchen and the fire set into the bar. (the bar itself is still standing, but not in working order).

Mary is outside getting tended by the EMT’s who are mumbling about how she looks better then she should. After shooing off the EMT’s, Mary allows the party to follow her as she checks in with John about what happened.

Right about now the group notices a Russian Trombone player has been shadowing them who claims to live in Raven Hill Appartments. Tommy looks him over and procalims him “Human and not a threat.” and decides to allow him to follow the party through their strange adventures.

When talking to John and filling him in on the message left in the ally outside of Club Redemption he tells us that we are released from our duties and he will pay our full bill. Tatiana and Tommy insist that we are not through and we will continue to investigate and be involved. John tries to discourage the group, but after cryptic warnings drops the topic and tells the group that he will meet them at the club Redemption

At Redemption there was a group of suspected Victors, being led by Kip who seems to have the presence to command all their attention. Tatiana who ran ahead was in the thick of the discussion but it seemed to wrap up by the time the players got there. John, however invites the party out to diner.

(Tatiana is not happy about the russian and refuses to let Tommy console her)

Over diner John interogates the Russian and outs him as a member of a local russian mob family, as well as outing Chance as a member of the same Irish mob that John works for.

(Around now Alex makes it to the scene)

John claims us all as his pet employees and sets us all to task, and begins taking us through what we have learned so far. (The whole way filling us with threats & reminding us how deep we are in and how working for him is our only option, often making vague allusions to the others who would harm us if he stopped protecting us)

Apparently the fire was made by a pair of Pyrokenetics description of Bobby and his Milato companion. (spontaneous colorful manifestation) who have assaulted Mary and been instigating all kinds of trouble.

After giving the group an expense card and a fair amount of alcohol, john sends the group on it’s way. Most of the group gathers to begin talking about what they want to do for the pyros we’re not looking for when we find them. (Most of the group decides that it would be best to not kill them. Leo has his own ideas, but what else is new) Alex begins running his home made program to start tracking down Bobby and his friend for the next leg of their adventure.


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