In the Kingdom of the Blind

Feeling the Heat

When shit meets fan

After getting back from Johny’s recruitment, our group mostly turns in for the night, with the exception of Alex who proceeds to spend every practical waking moment for the next 20 hours working on some code to help them find clues. Waiting on the next good lead, most of the CCT busies itself with other tasks, including Tommy buying fire resistant clothes for everyone in preparation for a showdown with the pyro-kenetics, Tatiana following Kip’s moves with a strange and likely unhealthy obsession, Jack helping Johny and his assistant (Rose?) move in to the recently vacated penthouse suite (Prompting a wave of angry cooking from Tommy), and Leo, James and chance generally lounging around taking a day off.

After the sun goes down, Leo and James and Jack go out to a bar, & once Alex declares his code completed, the rest of CCT join them (except for Chance who is taking a night off to deal with some “personal matters”)(Alex’s code will take a while to run it’s program and turn up results). Leo, James and Jack are settling in to a half mocking, half serious game of trying to get Alex laid & everyone’s had a chance to start on their drinks when Tatiana get a message saying that Redemption is on fire.

Rushing to the scene (though stopping quickly at Raven Hill to gear up), CCT find Redemption burning strong with a sizable crowd of police, ambulance, and gawkers. Tatiana wastes no time in clambering up to the rooftops for a better look around while the rest of CCT contents itself with looking from street level. It’s a good thing she did, for from her vantage, Tatiana was able to see Esmerelda Santos standing on top of a plain white van. Wasting not a moment, Tatiana leaps across the rooftops towards them, and screams out in her mind for Alex. (Normally Alex has to focus to get anything out of his telepathy but white noise, so it was a long shot). Somehow Alex caught her message with the force of a sledge hammer and was sent reeling by the force (and vertigo) Tatiana delivered.

The group collapsed upon the van, but Esmerelda saw them coming and the mysterious pyros began making an exit. Tatiana (Having watched far too many action movies in her life) jumped on top of the van as it started to speed away. By some Miracle she not only made the jump, but held on as the driver tried desperately to shake her. The van drove into an underground parking garage, where they stopped to confront their unwanted stowaway more directly. (Particualarly the Ethiopian woman who’s name we though far to hard to say. For the duration of the scene we christened her “Axe Woman”, and she was aptly named).

At first, violence was slow to ensue, and was quicklyEsmerelda Santos stopped by the arrival of the rest of CCT, particularly a gun toting Leo, who stepped to the front, and a quiet, fire retardently dressed Tommy. Bobby (the driver) stepped out and began attempting to calm the scene. When no one started shooting, people began to speak to one another. Not much was successfully said however. (Alex did get a look into their minds during the lull). They offered to buy us off, calling us either vampire flunkies or mercenaries. (Leo gravitated more towards the 2nd title).

When discussion began to look thin, Alex made an uncharacteristically bold move and stepped forwards, offering to go with them, so that they may speak civily and in depth, even going to far as to offer his cellphone as a sign of his intent. This was too much for Tommy however, as he attempted to slam into Bobby. Soon fire was flying everywhere as CCT began attempting to dog pile on the Pyros. The tide was turned in CCT’s favor when Kip showed on the scene, gun blazing and hair flowing. (He had been texted by Tatiana. Kip made an impressive display of himself, but his arrival made the fanatics very desperate. They attempted to pile into the van and make an escape, but where stopped by Tatiana bravely dashing into the van to snatch the keys. Alex had been hiding in the van, praying for a peaceful solution, but when Tatiana was grabbed and burned by Esmerelda, he pulled his knife and joined the fray. (pleading all the while for them to surrender).

In a last desperate play, Bobby stepped out of the van, and into Kip’s arms. While CCT tried to separate them, or disable Bobby, Kip kept his prize protected. When Bobby smeared his blood on Kip’s face, he looked more dead then ever. With his dying breath, he told us that this was our chance to kill one of them. Kip quickly dispatched the pyro, and though Esmerelda tried her best to fry Kip, CCT didn’t join in. She was overwhelmed and soon laid low as well. CCT Gathered themselves, and piled into a getaway car, caring the unconscious Leo (A victim of Axe Woman’s axe) and made their escape, seeing the last fire set for the pyros as Kip burned them in their van to destroy the evidence.

The Shaken CCT rushed Leo to the ambulences at the fire, and headed home before anyone could ask questions, leaving Tatiana and James at the scene (James had fallen into a fugue at the sight of supernatural fire and had spent most of the scene pissing on a nearby car)

As CCT collects themselves, though shaken, they remain whole and this marks the end of their first job as an organization.

god(s) help us all.


GrendelTodd liminalmorgan

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