In the Kingdom of the Blind


The Lost adventures

These posts are late, and rushed so don’t count for Beats.

We first learned that there was trouble going on when one of our apartment-mates was found murdered. His body-less head was all that remained in the bloody mess with his emotionally scared girlfriend/fiance in the closet. She was initially an emotional wreck but after some calming she was able to tell us what had happened earlier. While she didn’t remember the murder, they had encountered and killed a creepy old man at a farm who had become hostile after they discovered him apparently preforming a human sacrifice before his white oak.

The police were involved early on, but decided we were probably slightly unhinged but not major suspects. (The cop lived in the building, and vouched for our relative harmlessness).

Over the next day or two all of the people involved started turning up dead as we pursued a growing trail of bodies while making the cops increasingly agitated by our coninuted involvement.

Soon not only were the four people involved dead, but their families started turning up murdered in bloody and potentially supernatural ways.

Notable moments include when Alex and Jack had a mutual freak out and drove the party van over a small cliff and into a swimming pool.

Eventually we ran out of leads and began to get desperate. We decided to do something stupid. We went out to the creepy farm a few hours north in the country side, to try and take this thing out at the source.

We found the farm house burned and smoking and explored further into the field to find the giant while tree and the alter that we had heard about, with a scarecrow in the fields. Alex told Leo to shoot it and no sooner had the words left his mouth then Leo had taken a shot at it.

All hell broke loose, and what followed was a fight with a ghost scarecrow, an animated tree, and the undead bodies of those who had been sacrificed before. Active use of hedge trimmers and gasoline pulled us through the harrowing fight and by the end of the night we were almost all heavily injured and in need of a rest.

Notables: Tatiana was against violence the whole way through and feels emotionally scared that we went through with murdering this symbol of ancient religion.

Alex’s van fails continue and in an attempt to run over the scare crow, he wound up pining Tommy to the alter. Tommy Punched Alex after the fight


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