In the Kingdom of the Blind

Hopeful beginings

The calm before we realize just how bad things are

Alex returns from a canceled family emergency to tales of his friends meeting with the mysterious John Deagan, and even got a job. The story goes that they apparently met a young, goth, lesbian vampire(?!) who killed someone outside of Deagan’s bar (St. Francine). Apparently the details weren’t worked out at the time, though, so after working out details like catching each other up on the story so far and making a first stab at getting a warehouse in Oakland for cheap. (Note to self: don’t let James or Tatiana do the negotiation) We weren’t totally successful, but we got the price down to a range we could afford. (** of resources/month)

Once we had wrapped up the upkeep part of our session, we headed out to St. Francine. Our group still hasn’t settled on a face we trust, so there was some discord in the negotiations. Alex eventually managed to keep the floor long enough to use telepathy and close out the discussion with a decent deal. The end result should cover the warehouse for 6 months or so (Plus expenses), if we can find the girl, and figure out who she’s with, and what her motivation is.

As far as what to do to her, our client remained vague, and we shied away from the thought of becoming hired killers, so we left off on deciding what to do once we tracked her down for until we had more information.

Satisfied with this, we moved onto searching for this mysterious person in the most sensible way we could think up, by searching all the local clubs. Focusing on the goth oriented ones, we donned proper gothy clothing and went out into the night. Tatiana and James both made a good showing of themselves at the club, and really fit in, while Leo used his celebrity status to surround himself in a cloud of groupies. Alex however finds the mental noise in the club overwhelming and quickly heads outside, to relax with the smokers. Before long Tommy shows up, and after getting caught up by Alex, he quickly finds his social niche and begins hanging with the bouncers.

After a few hours of chatting the group meets to discuss what we’ve learned. Apparently the girl we’re looking for goes by the name of (______, I have it on my character sheet) Though we still didn’t know her last name. She was a regular around these parts a while ago, but dropped off the scene when she started going to a small club called “Redemption”. (Though before we could leave, we had to track down James who was badly zonked out in to corner, in some kind of stupor. He woke up in the car later, like nothings wrong)

Hungry to follow the next lead, and with Tommy now rejoined the group we quickly headed over to Redemption. Before we could get in and follow the lead, we found ourselves being shut out by a stringent bouncer, who (rightly) pegged us as posers. Desperate to not lose the trail, we claimed we were here with (_______). The bouncer asked for her last name, and Alex pulled it out of his head. Now we had a full name and at least the bouncer’s attention. He told us we weren’t the first to be looking for her, and that Bob (?) had also come looking. (Alex reached into his head and pulled am image of a 30’s or 40’s white man and his Milano female companion) The bouncer had told them off too, and was about to finish shooing us off when Leo and James started talking the bouncers language and slipping him wads of money. Before we knew it we had managed to squeeze inside.

Inside it was the club that all goth clubs want to pretend to be. It had all the cliche’s but none of it had come out of a factory. (Especially unsettling what when Tommy pointed out even the skulls were real) Antique artwork lined the walls and people of many sorts enjoyed the pleasures of the club. Tommy started listing off people as "Victor"’s (V is for Vampire) and counted at least four of them in the club that we met. One watching the door with an intensity that makes hawks cry, once dancing harder and faster then anyone else on the floor, and two sitting alone, playing chess.

Leo started talking with random club goes, avoiding any that Tommy labeled as “Victor”. Conversely, Tommy went right over to the two playing chess and attempted to strike up a conversation. Tatiana began dragging Alex around the club as she quite verbally geeked out over the artwork. I forget whatever it was that James started to do because he didn’t get very far at it. Before long his eyes went blank and he wandered out of the club. Alex volunteered to go and make sure he didn’t get in trouble.

Leo found out that the girl was known here, but once again she had stopped coming about a month ago. She’d been reportedly looking pale and sickly just before she stopped coming. But the person to ask for sure would be Mistress (______) who was sitting by the door, petting some pretty young girl.

Tommy walked over to the chess playing “Victors” and after watching for a bit (& being completely ignored) decided to give advice to the losing one (A young looking Asian man who’s great composure almost hid his incredible frustration). The younger (appearing) victor was about to give a curt response when the older (looking) one burst out laughing. (A twitchy fellow, looking to be about middle aged, & really not that pretty) He said that the suggested move might help, for a moment, but then proceeded to list out the remaining 20 moves of the match before his inevitable victory. The younger one excused himself (they named each other in the conversation, and the names are noted on my sheet).

After scaring off his competition Tommy got the pleasure of a discussion with the highly intelligent and thoroughly eccentric Professor (_______). Before long Tatiana joined in the conversation, drawn in by her curiosity. Quickly taking a liking to Tatiana, they discussed their academic experiences, and after some introductory banter he mentioned that he’d love to tutor her in chess, get to know her better and examine the full extent of her intellect. (Dissection was suggested, but denied) The professor was quite a character, but he didn’t track the comings and goings of the every day crowd, and knew nothing of our quarry. Instead he also suggested speaking with Mistress (_______).

While this went on inside, Alex followed James in a fugue. On a positive note, he didn’t wander far, where he did wander was right into an alley with a dead body and a message in blood. Alex managed to (mostly) keep his cool until James bent to the open head of the dead body with the apparent intention to begin painting with the gore. He quickly reacted to grab James and drag him back into the car, where he left James with a tracker on his underwear band and locked the doors.

The Corbis Colem Turban gathered and compared notes before going to meet the mistress as a group. While in discussion she didn’t reveal anything more then what the group had already gleaned, and her face remained inscrutable, Alex decided to look into her mind for clues as to their target. The mistress had seen the girl, often, dancing, petting, and other more intimate thing in the bedroom. Before Alex could get much more he found himself starting at himself through her eyes, and visa versa, creating a psychic echo between them as they started into each others minds. Soon she began speaking into his mind. Alex for his part, spent the next five minutes mumbling apologies to the air.

As they left the club, Alex pointed out the body in the alley and the writing (“No redemption for the dead and the damned”) as a clear sign to the plot thickening. Tommy quickly made sure that the mistress was informed of this and she dispatched the dancing one (______) to investigate the mess and clean it up. He complied while grumbling his annoyance at being interrupted from his fun.

After a long night of excitement the CCT crawled back to Raven Hill in the wee hours of the morning, to record all they had learned and figure out where to look next for their quarry, and new suspects.


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