In the Kingdom of the Blind

The Lamest of Taverns
Forming a group and finding a name

After the “incident” ended, the next month was a blur. Life just didn’t seem nearly as real as what had happened that night. The cops came through and asked everyone questions, but no one had any good answers. Later the media would come out saying that they thought we’d all gone crazy. something in the pipe system leaked into the taps, or whatever. None of us really believed that, but it made a good story to help people forget.

Tatiana didn’t want to let people forget though. Not satisfied with the media whitewashing of the incident she’s started a campaign to systematically debunk every lame excuse that they throw at us. She’s gotten some good face time, and only comes off as a little crazy. She even got a meme for all of 5 mins. (I think she used too many big words, and not enough people cared)

Leo took this whole thing in stride and started getting more gigs for him and his band. He used his status as a survivor of the “Raven Hill Masacre” to see more hard core or something. I guess it’s true because he did shoot the possessed woman & never seemed to freak out that bad. (He did spend some time in jail, though not long. The cops had their hands full enough with this incident they just couldn’t handle pressing against all the insanity charges. He got off on some loose parole, and he wont shut up about how they took his guns.

Most of the rest of us have been keeping out heads down, trying to help everyone else cope and ride out the aftermath. There is some civil law suit that Tatiana is pushing and I swear she might start breaking fingers if we settle out of court. I’ve been helping her keep her science up, and even had them all crashing in my room while the cops investigated the upper floors. I don’t think anyone saw my Hello Kitty collection, but Leo found the box of My Little Pony I kept under the sofa & let’s just say it wasn’t all safe for work…

Since the mage who owned the building got murdered, we’ve not really had a land lord, so I’ve been putting my rent money to good use, picking up high end computer parts hoping to bring SparkScreen up to date. I haven’t yet had time to really get started on it, though. Things have been a little crazy around here.

One month after the incident I invite the others to join me in my place for a potluck. (Which is basically me begging Tommy to come over and feed us. For some reason he seems to REALLY enjoy cooking for people. Not that I’m complaining, something about .gif-horses and their mouths (What does that phrase even mean?!).

Once we’d all had out 1st helping and had settled in I opened the discussion. I brought up the weird side of things and how this wasn’t likely the only weird, dangerous thing going on. Tommy and Tatiana both confirmed that this was almost certainly true. Tatiana had spent most of her life studying these things and Tommy had actually seen and killed one. (though killing it apparently got him kicked out of the army.) He said it was a normal woman who could turn into a giant wolf-woman-killing-machine. Scary. Especially since I remember having a weird dream that sounds a lot like that kind of thing. Tommy tells me that if I was a giant-wolf monster, I’d probably know. (What he didn’t say out loud was that if he thought I was he’d have shot me in the head by now)

At this point I had to admit that I could sometimes read minds. Leo asked me to prove it. I did, but after learning what he thinks about female musicians I needed a shot. Tommy said he already knew, and I’d told Tatiana during the incident.

So, now that we’re pretty sure weird shit is happening under the radar, and mostly sure we want to do something stupid about it, we set about setting up some ground work. We needed a way to learn about these things, we needed weapons, knowledge (same thing), a base of operations, a code, and most importantly, a name.

Everyone started talking about some ancient fortress and remaking it in a warehouse somewhere. I guess that could be cool if it works out.

I promised to make a website over the next few weeks to collect local stories of weird shit happening, and we’re going to all keep our ears to the ground for stuff out of the ordinary. Weapons we never really came up with a solid plan. Tommy and Leo seem confidant they can figure something out. Personally I’m never letting my knife or my prayer beads out of reach for a Loooong time.

Our code seems pretty simple. Mostly a “Live and let live” kind of thing. If it’s not a problem, don’t make it one. Seems reasonable enough. We’ll see how long it lasts.

As for a name, We settled on Corbis Colem Turbam (Raven Hill Murder in Latin). Personally I’d have been all for “Fluffy Bunnies”, but I was heavily outvoted.

As the meeting wound to a close everyone decided that we were going to go out tonight. We hit some club that Leo’s played at before and he got us all in pretty easy, even got a few free drinks. Tatiana played wingman for me, and narrowed me in on a cute Asian girl. Leo found himself a bleached blonde, and we all got down to flirting in the back corner over a few shots. It was all going to well until we started to try and seal the deal.

I looked into the Phan’s head (the Asian) to try and get an edge. I tell you, she was really into anal. I got a good look in her head, and while it wasn’t my thing I decided to try and roll with it. If I pulled it off, doesn’t matter had sex

I leaned over and whispered something about how I couldn’t wait to see what I could fit in her cute little ass. For about half a second I was golden. She looked shocked and intrigued, and gave the cutest half second of a blush. The problem came in with her blonde friend. Apparently the whiskey had removed my volume controls, and everyone totally heard my “whisper”. Phan poured her drink on me and joined in with her friend in calling me a perv. Suddenly there was a very big man behind me asking if I was bothering these ladies.

Flying isn’t so bad you know? It’s the landing that sucks. I tried to think of this as I was forcefully ejected from the club. Turns out it’s kinda true, but I didn’t get nearly enough air time to really enjoy it, and all too soon I was introduced to the pavement. I picked myself up and waited in a defeated slump by the door for my friends to come out. Tatiana didn’t take too long in heading out to console me. Leo took a bit longer, and when he did make an appearance he was walking like a player, Phan and the blonde under either arm. He took the car and told us to get our own rides home.

Thank gods Muni is cheap.

Poker Night

trying to process what is happening should be excited just terrified planned it in my head for so long reality too much for my stupid routines just document think about it later just document Put the cameras to us3e Fucking SF blair witch project someone is fucking with me are you fucking with me BAD SANTA bad fucking water


ON THE WALL I START DOING A VISUAL DATA LAYOUT Get Artist to help me post things as people tell their stories.
(MAP with layout of 7th floor

with locations and descriptions of experiences as stories are gathered. Figure out room number sequence.

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