Raven Hill Apartments

A run-down apartment building in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco (or more properly the “Tendernob”, a stretch of neighborhood between the impoverished Tenderloin & the more gentrified Nob Hill district).

On the outside of the building is a bronze plaque that reads as follows:

Registered Historical San Francisco Landmark

This building stands on the grounds of the original Raven Hill estate, home of Joshua Hill and his family. After Joshua Hill made his fortune through investments in the Comstock Lode he and his family became well-known benefactors of our community. After the original house was destroyed by fire in the Great Quake of 1906, these apartments were constructed, becoming open to public use in 1915.

Bellow is the following plaque of Joshuah Hill, which local kid have taken to call the “Raven Hill Penny”:
Bronze profile plaque
It is home to our reluctant heroes.

Raven Hill Apartments

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