In the Kingdom of the Blind

Meeting the Samachi

With a general lack of solid evidence about where to find the demon, or a clue what to even do about it if we find it, and one of our own in the hospital, CCT decided to take a month to deal with “Normal life”. Though some of us couldn’t let go and took the time to do some research.

Jack spent his time dealing with his contacts and getting his own space to “work”. Alex spent his time getting into college, and as a side project hacking a backdoor into SFPD’s network. Tatiana spent her time going over old newspapers in the college archives, but she found her focus pulled to look up Kip and his family some more. On Kip there was little, but she found evidence of an Ethan Samachi character. Tommy spends his time in the Gym, attempting to get his army body back. (side note: Alex finds out there is a spooky agent who took all the evidence of the demon off SFPD’s hands.)

The group feels unfocused when game resumes. We sit down and talk trough our gains over the past month (some more then others…) and before long we do what CCT does when at a loss, & head out to a bar. (Off to the side Tatiana had Alex track a certain number) The dive bar in question turns out to be a port side gay bar & thoughts of getting Alex laid here are quickly abandoned. Instead a certain Kip Samachi is in a booth with an unknown friend. Kip is surprised to see us all, but carries himself well. Tommy’s keep eye notices that not only has Kip’s friend left the booth but he’s standing with us.

Tommy brings this us to the shock of Kip, and the gentle amusement of Ethan Samachi. It quickly becomes apparent that Ethan is a BIG fish, especially compared to Kip. His presence overwhelms the discussion. Alex, despite all forms of better judgement, attempts to probe Ethan’s mind. Quickly overwhelmed with a vision, Alex collapses with a migraine.

After a bit they take their leave of us. Around that time Leo, James and Jack decide to wander to a bar where the women might be a little more woo-able. Tommy, Alex and Tatiana decide to stay a little long. Alex and Tommy start talking, while Tatiana slips off on one of her solo missions.

After her being gone for a while, Alex sends her a text to check in. Her response arouses a little suspicion, and further texts only convince Alex something isn’t right. CCT assembles and Alex starts tracking Tatiana’s phone. Finding she’s in the bay, Jack calls a guy and gets us a boat so soon we are on the water. Tatiana eventually settles on a port in Oakland, and when we come by, she’s sitting there bundled up sipping a bottle of tequila.

When questioned Tatiana says she’s been with a nondescript, pretty girl all this time, but has no real memory of what happened after she split from the group. Alex confirms this in her head. After they get her back to Raven Hill, Alex and Tommy show her the evidence that made them go looking for her. After some prodding her memories look more and more falsified & Kip has been removed from her phone. Alex still has his number from when he tracked Kip & Tatiana starts sending aggravated texts.

Kip, apparently wanted to break ties, and is quite annoyed his attempts didn’t work out. To show his annoyance, he steals Alex’s Franken-puter (Midnight Sparkle, by name). Upon discovering his missing hardware, Alex has a fit. CCT is called, and after some discussion, and meeting with Johnny, everyone advises not taking any action in retaliation. Alex, while still quite upset agrees to not lash out directly at Kip.

Johny offers to see what he can do about getting Alex’s comp back, but promises nothing. Though he does mention that perhaps he could help Alex get a new one.


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