In the Kingdom of the Blind

Poking trouble

We really can't help ourselves

Our adventure starts with our recovering heroes trying to piece their lives back together. Most of CCT spent time in the hospital though a few members weren’t badly hurt and decided to walk it off. Tatiana, for her part spent the session avoiding the group, presumably because she was still upset at us for destroying the ancient religious tree and ghost.

Alex and Jack had projects to attend to, but for everyone else, the group fell back on their usual plan: go to a bar. (Everything happens at bars). Chance had returned to the group and had apparently been spending time tracking down a mark. He seemed to be looking to seduce a certain profile of woman, and he thinks he’s tracked one down. She apparently frequents a joint by the dubious name of “Oh My God!” in the city. A little high class for CCT’s normal haunts, but everyone else was game to give it a try.

CCT, sans Alex and Jack, set off to conquer a new scene, and before long Leo and Chance found themselves the life of the party, Leo on the dance floor and Chance in an overstuffed booth, filled to the brim with hotties. James Tyler floated about, being friendly but not drawing a spotlight of his own, and Tommy wandered over to the bouncers to fill his usual niche.

Tommy scanned the floor with his usual suspicious eye and before long spotted an inhumanly languid female, putting him in mind of a serpent wrapped in human skin. He subtly tipped off his allies, warning them away from her, and much to his chagrin, no sooner had he told James of the danger then he dove into conversation with the suspected Victor.

Things were going well enough, but Leo got envious of James and decided to press himself into their conversation. Before too long he managed to challenge the woman (with a name I can hardly pronounce, let alone remember) to a dance off. She confidently accepted, and was very surprised when Leo edged out ahead of her. (I think all of CCT was shocked to remember Leo could do more then shove guns in people’s faces and make as ass of himself). Leo offered to take her somewhere more private and she consented with a smile.

Leo was walking to the door, glowing with pride and dripping with sweat, all but high fiving any dude he passed when Tommy dashed at him. Slapping him across the face Tommy yelled “You’re cheating on me, with a WOMAN!?”. Leo was stunned and took some time to recover from this abrupt event, in which time the Victor slipped his arm and wandered back into the party. Tommy’s work done, he stalked back to the bouncers.

After that, the night was relatively uneventful. Chance got the number of many a lady, including his mark, and James managed to get in a few last friendly words with the Victor.

For their own part, Jack and Alex split ways. Alex called up a girl he’d had a romantic encounter with a week or so ago at Halloween and followed her invitation to a local club/rave. Jack went back to his own secret warehouse to work on a special project. Thankfully he had no neighbors or there might have been a noise complaint at all of the mad cackling.

The next day Chance got a License and a Motorcylce, Alex got some work done on his computer, and Jack got the excitement.

Jack was on his daily routine when a was cornered by asian men in suits and asked to a special meeting. He consented and was led to an asian mobster who had recently come to town. He wished to do business with Jack’s employer, purchasing a large quantity of Cocaine from him for a very reasonable price, promising terms including selling it off of Jack’s boss’ territory and other agreeable things.

Jack calmly accepted and promised to pass the proposal along to his boss, got in his car and drove away.

To be continued…


GrendelTodd liminalmorgan

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