In the Kingdom of the Blind

Meet the new boss

Creepier then the old boss

After the incident between the Russian Mob and the Yakuza we seem the have gotten little contact from our more criminal elements. Honestly, it was kind of nice to get a whole two months off, but nothing lasts forever…

Leo receives a text from Johny saying that he’s in trouble and giving an address. Eager to jump back into the fire, CCT gears up and rushes off to the location Johny gave (In this case, the Transamerica building). (Of note: Will and Mark Greyland have brought their characters in, and are dragged along with little more reason then them being PC’s).

On the way in Alex starts acting funny(er then usual) and grumbles something about hacking his own brain. Everyone else tries their best to ignore this and approaches the security guard. While the guard at first turns then away, he quickly gets a message relayed to him and directs CCT to take the elevator up.

The doors open up to the glass walled office on top of the pyramid, and an ablino man in a white suit gets up to greet our group. He intorduces himself as Richard Bensen, and claims to be the majority shareholder of General Products.

With Alex still acting strange, and Marv’s detection powers on the fritz, it is strikingly apparent that Mr. Bensen is no small fish.

He proceeds to (gently) compliment CCT for our endeavors, and offer us a chance to work for him to take care of those things that go bump in the night. He’s vague on the whereabouts and condition of our old “boss” Johny, but says that so far Johny keeps his nose clean and thus is generally allowed to exist.

He informs us that his previous group of supernatural hunters disappeared while looking into the Styx Regency Hotel and reappeared apparently in the 1990’s, and may have been turned into vampires. While he would appreciate any information on their disappearance, or how they might be retrieved, he says there are other investigations he’d prefer we focus on.

He offers to forward us the details later, but in brief there are rumors of cult activity, supernatural fire starters and a ghost ship appearing in the bay.

Should we work for him, he’s offering a lot of money, and the knowledge that we make the world a safer place. Honestly, CCT was probably hooked a long time ago, this just synches things.

Once CCT makes it back to Raven Hill they disperse, some to a strip club, some to gather information, Alex to meet a “Friend” and Tommy to go check on Johny.

As everyone eventually gathers to go to sleep, Tommy can’t help but notice Alex never came back from meeting his friend…


GrendelTodd liminalmorgan

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