In the Kingdom of the Blind

Spicy times

It all starts normal enough. CCT gathers to discuss the recent developments, and to share information on new investigations. Not a lot of people showed up, but enough to talk about Mr. Bensen, the possible disappearance of Johnny, and other strange things. Quickly growing bored with all the talking, Leo and James decide to break into the absent Alex’s room to find it mostly cleared out, and burn his Pony action figures, call him up and send him pictures.

Meanwhile Tatiana decides to check up on Johnny in person to see if he’s actually been kidnapped my Mr. Bensen. (He hadn’t been, but CCT is kinda weird like that without Alex or Marv to stabalize the place) Alex shows up in an impotent rage at the destruction of his possessions to the tauntings of Leo and James. So far, everything seems mostly normal, though Alex is wearing cheap sunglasses at night, and kinda creepy, but nothing too bad.

Tatiana decides she’s fed up with Leo’s bullshit and punches him in the nose. Leo reels, but stays standing, laughing it off until Alex leaps on his face with a wild look about him. Tatiana pulls him off. Yeah, Alex is now a hungry, baby vampire. He’s still mostly Alex but rather grumpy, and he keeps watching Leo hungrily.

CCT expedites

/* — Break for lazy —*/


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